We are Ibiza Riding Excellence SL, based in the heart of Ibiza.

We collaborate with well respected stables worldwide.

We breed, buy, train and sell horses.

We breed and sell Shetland ponies.

Our team is composed of Lorenzo Toscano, our Technical Director, worldwide known rider, and Sara Amos, our Manager.


  • Fashionista de Circee sold to Liva Santamaria / Italy
  • Cop copine / Mexico
  • Greenhall Justified / Fences Auction / France
  • Irene Van De Kwachthoeve / Italy
  • Greenwhich / Dubai
  • Fein Lotta DK / France
  • Goldrush DLN / Italy
  • Dragueur du Taillis / USA
  • Idem Dito / Italy
  • Nina VH Lindehof / Italy